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Who we are


Much like our Grand Orient of Italy is the overarching and governing body of our local Freemason Lodges, the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons is the central authority in Italy for the Royal Arch Chapters.

It was instituted on Febraury 8th, 1964 at a special communication in Milan.

Today, there are over sixty Chapters in Italy, from as small as 12 members to as large as over 50. New Chapters are being formed almost every year, with specific missions such as Capitular education or fellowship or to charter where especially active Lodges are located and brethren seek additional Light in the Craft.

There is no “central” location for the Grand Chapter in Italy, rather the main office tends to be where the Grand Secretary works out of.

The state is divided into 20 distinct regional districts, each with one to six Chapters overseen by a Regional Deputy Grand High Priest, the direct and local representative of the Grand High Priest, who presides over the Grand Chapter.

The Grand Chapter meets annually at their Grand Assembly, commonly in May. There, the business of the Grand Chapter is transacted, committees produce reports, the officers of the next Capitular Year are elected and installed, and the day is generally filled with events centering around fellowship, leadership, education, and other opportunities.

As of December, there are nearly 1,300 Chapter members in Italy. In the 2016-2017 Capitular Year, we added 142 new members around the state, continuing a recent upward trend of growing membership.



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